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Funverks is an organizational skills & strategy development consulting firm, with offices in Karachi – Pakistan, Dubai – UAE & Colombo – Sri Lanka.

The name Funverks, describes our business philosophy & methodology of enriching value to our clients. While organizations may know what they have to do, we augment the way their objectives are accomplished in the ‘Idea Economy’.

Funverks thrives in challenging assumptions that hinder organizational aspirations, by creating innovative solutions that yield maximum impact, scalability & benefit to a wider base of stakeholders.

Funverks is part of the Funverks Global Company Pvt Ltd., which owns & has interests in diverse set of industries such as business consulting, publishing, media, travel & hospitality, social sector consulting, incubation centers & technology.


Our philosophy is fueled by our vision, ‘Magical People Orchestrating Dreams Into Reality‘

These ‘dreams’ are aspirations that our clients have for themselves, their teams and their organizations. These dreams are ambitions of our individual team members, providing them a greater sense of being.

Funverks team orchestrates collectively to excel and raise the bars by doing the ‘undone’. We believe barriers are best broken through self-elevating beliefs proven through tangible results. We do all of this and call it ‘Funverks’.

One of the things that distinguishes us from any other consultancy is how we work. Here is the survival guide passed on to our new recruits as part of their induction to help you better understand us and how we create magic: Funverks 101


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Learning Interventions

Skill-based Training

Skill-based training aims to concentrate on developing and applying specific skills and behaviors. These training programs vary with industry, target audience, level of communication and trainer profile. Our programs are regularly updated in terms of content and are customizable as per your requirements. Whilst our standard offerings are shared below, we also develop new content to match your needs.

Culture Building & Transformation

An organization’s identity is the bedrock that defines its operations. We enable your organization to outline and explore its sense of self and supply you with impactful tools and behaviors to undergo transformative experiences. Culture transformation is a process of many complexities; our approach not only makes this process comprehensive but fun as well. Our culture building interventions are momentous in impact and tremendous in energy.

When it comes to developing and improving processes, managing change, transforming culture, communicating key messages to internal or external stakeholders, we partner with you and provide both diagnostics and solutions across a myriad of consulting areas which tie into creating magic in your organization.
Conference Design & Facilitation
In line with various needs, we design and conceptualize our conference and event solutions to be compelling and we facilitate these events with vigor and impact. When it comes to designing and executing events our philosophy of “If it’s not fun, it’s not working”, is all the more essential; crafting the right message is key however the way it is communicated makes the difference between comprehension and enchantment.
Humanistic Integrative Counseling
Humanistic Integrative Counseling acknowledges that different clients have different needs and believes that no single approach is sufficient. It is a subtle art of facilitating the clients’ energy to arrive at a meaningful solution that befits their needs.  Our sessions are inspired by a range of creative theories and methods that empower diverse individuals to accomplish mental health, wellness, and career goals.

Combining the domains of all psychological theories, we provide counseling that helps you clean your mental clutter, prioritize your needs, and visualize the way forward.

The stressors of daily life require a safe space and channel of realization to overcome the distractors that serve as a hindrance to productivity.”


Individually we may be social misfits but collectively as ‘Funverkerz’, we take diversity to a new level where each member of our team brings in something unique to this ‘Maze’. Some collective adjectives that describe Funverkerz include:

Creative; Passionate; Movie buffs; Avid readers; Explorers; Vibrant; Experienced; Energetic; Customer fanatics; & FUN-LOVING!

Abdul Mateen

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Adil Sultan Hanif

Manager Operations
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Farhad Karamally

Consultant & Funcilitator
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Khizer Khanani

Head Of Admin & Finance
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Mehreen Shoaib

Consultant & Facilitator
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Noman Nasrullah

Consultant & Funcilitator
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Raheel Ali Memon

Associate Consultant
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Saman Mazhar

Consultant & Funcilitator
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Sanam Karamally

Consultant & Culture Specialist
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Compassion in Business

10.08.18 0

Compassion in Business. Where science marries soul. A thought a week, for an entire year. 52 insights to trigger your neurons every week (more…)...

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Behavioral Assessment of Employees Through Games

05.01.17 0

Time and time again significant emphasis has been placed on the need for organizational evaluation. A well-planned and carefully executed evaluation has proven to reap more benefits for all stakeholders than an evaluation that is thrown together hastily and re...

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6 Seconds to Win a Job Interview

13.12.16 0

Graduation! It is an exciting time. It is finally time to ditch all those years of late night studies and assignments. It is time to be free – however when you are graduating the thought that dominates the mind is ‘to get a job’. Students are constantly ...

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29.07.16 0

Cultures are evolving. Economies are booming. Markets are accelerating. Information is flowing. Technology is innovating – LIFE is changing. Yet, organizations are struggling. They have ‘it’ but don’t know how to put ‘it’ to use. This is their ta...

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Do it anyway!

29.07.16 0

Our world today is not so much about making strategies and plans but about executing. This is a simple fact. However, what it takes is not resources, not machines, not money but HUMAN COURAGE! It requires you to unleash yourself.Mike Litman, a specialist on th...

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Career Proofing

29.07.16 0

In the past one month, in my interactions with participants I noticed a roaring need to explore careers. Some wanted to save careers, some wanted to succeed in their respective careers whilst some were re-starting their careers in light of a rightsizing and re...

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29.07.16 0

Have you ever bought a product and realized there are other accessories you need to buy to actually experience the product as they show in ads? Interestingly, in mostcases, profit margins are much higher in accessories than the margins earned through the produ...

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Life – a Quest!

29.07.16 0

'Limited time. Continuous journey.' This is how one participant of my recent session defined life. The thought is profound; it is insightful and leaves an intense question. What is my legacy? The legacy line is not new. Most people know leadership is all a...

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The Last Day of Work!

17.06.16 0

Confucius said that the day you enjoy your work, would be the last day you ever worked. Another quotation you may say! However, quotes are mind triggers designed to set an attitude, a mindset, a culture. In simple words, using non corporate lingo, as a way of...

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The Corporate Patang-baaz (Kite Flyer)

17.06.16 0

Many organizations are trying to create a ‘coaching culture’. In this attempt, managers are being called coaches. It is seen as their new role. Interestingly, the idea is that changing titles is expected to change behaviors – at least, this is how it see...

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DHA Phase V, Karachi – 75500 Pakistan
+92 213 524 8790
Sri Lanka
Sun City, No. 18, 2/2, St. Anthony’s Mawatha, Colombo-03, Sri Lanka.
Tel: (+94) 112577555
Fax: (+94)112576880
P.O. Box 60788 Dubai
+971 50 6520591


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