6 Seconds to Win a Job Interview

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Graduation! It is an exciting time. It is finally time to ditch all those years of late night studies and assignments. It is time to be free – however when you are graduating the thought that dominates the mind is ‘to get a job’. Students are constantly worrying about where to work and how to get a job regardless of suitability.They need options. A lot of time is spent in getting the job and whether the person is suitable or has the skills is a concern for later. Gradually, however, on job the new employee gets trained and develops the skill set required or they try to switch.

Finding a job or changing to a different one requires a curriculum vitae (CV) or a Resume. This is a detailed document listing your professional experiences, skills or in case of a student; your academic projects and certifications. To explain further, a CV is a detailed document and a Resume is a shorter version. Often employees lose out on opportunities because they lack the knowledge of how to apply or because they are not able to properly update their resumes.
A recruiter spends around 6 seconds skimming through a resume. On average one vacant position receives 74 applications and if your resume does not stand out from the crowd, your application is set aside without even an interview call. Most students and employees are not trained on resume writing or employability skills which includes not just resume writing but interview skills as well as grooming.

There are many reasons why your resume will not get noticed. Some of the most common ones are submitting resume in an untidy format or with a lot of spelling mistakes and forgetting to write a personalized cover letter. The below mistakes are so common they are overlooked by many applicants and they are:

  • Including irrelevant personal information
  • A bad objective
  • Sending out one resume and cover letter for all job posts
  • Not submitting targeted cover letter
  • Spelling and grammatical errors or typos
  • Formatting issues like improper indent, variety of bullets, clutter of text, punctuations mistakes and obvious white space
  • Putting picture in resume for all the job posts
  • Including everything in resume forgetting the readers’ perspective
  • Including references without requirement

One of the mistakes that applicants do is that they do not review the job requirements and they do not customize resume format to suit the job. This is also one of the reasons that the recruiter does not pay attention to their resume.  Recently one of our clients at Funverks highlighted the need of Employability Skills Training for its field office staff. Since their project was coming to an end, the organization felt responsible towards gearing their people, as one would say, employable.

A two-day training program was designed and conducted with all the employees, where all aspects of cover letter, resume and interview were covered. Most importantly their existing resumes were updated. They were introduced to all types of cover letter and resume and their uses.

Interestingly, there is no single universal format of resume that is applicable to any area of the world. But all different formats can be classified into five main categories/types:

  1. Reverse Chronological Resume
  2. Functional Resume
  3. Hybrid Resume
  4. Targeted Resume
  5. Infographic Resume

One would think that by searching the Internet you will be able to learn employability skills; however, you will get overloaded with information and you may not know what is relevant and what is irrelevant.

Remember job market is highly competitive! Recruiters and HR Managers do not have time to go through many resumes and therefore your resume must stand out. This does not mean you print it on colored paper. Job seekers have only one shot to win an interview call that is through their inspiring cover letter and customized resume, do not take it lightly. Spend time in understanding what is required and how you can showcase your suitability for the job in the best possible way.

As Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha who is an educator, life coach and bestselling author, says, “Some people today are wandering generalities instead of meaningful specifics because they have failed to discover and mine the wealth of potentials in them.” 

The authors, Asif Bakhtani & Zeeshan Khan work at Funverks Global as OD Consultants. The concept of this article has been written based on their industry experience with diversified clients.

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