Behavioral Assessment of Employees Through Games

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Time and time again significant emphasis has been placed on the need for organizational evaluation. A well-planned and carefully executed evaluation has proven to reap more benefits for all stakeholders than an evaluation that is thrown together hastily and retrospectively. For an organization that is seeking growth, the niche of development banks on assessment that can capture the data needed to reflect upon and to survive and flourish; assessment and changing to heighten the performance is a critical part of widening and deepening the aspired organizational reach.

Evaluations have been (and rather should be) an integral part of an organization. If you’re an organization striving and thriving in the 21st century without having an effectively stable yet evolving evaluation criteria and system then you might cripple; evaluations are a need and they ought to be inclusive, honest, rigorous, customizable and replicable.

Assessment is an imperative measure for improving management; it plays an effective role in helping the managers in making their processes more competent. When we get down to the evaluation of an organization, we are forming a map of its culture, behavior and system, and determining its effectiveness in terms of its functioning, problems and achievements from multiple perspectives.

“Gameverks – Assessment Through Games” has been designed befittingly by a team of Organizational Psychologist and Human Resource Specialist, which resulted in the blending of information from both the fields, creating a program solely focusing on systematic evaluation and meticulous analysis.

To further elaborate the procedure of the program, here is an excerpt of a recent session conducted at a local club in Karachi: the participants were presented with the game of bowling divided into different phases. We incorporated episodes of structured and unstructured observations that entailed the designing of a behavioral checklist. It was based on the values shared by the client as well as the core aims of the program.

With initiatives like Gameverks, an organization can assess their individuals and teams in many areas. People are put into different projects where they face various challenging situations which they deal with according to the potential and resources they may have. This is where a role of manager is very important in order to identify the areas of improvement and provide critical feedback and coaching.

The assessment is information pertinent to future planning, setting up of priorities, and resource allocation. It serves as a platform to gauge into the functioning of employees as a team, and as individuals. Like Phil Jackson said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”.

The authors are Organizational Psychologist (Yumna Usmani) & OD Consultant (Zeeshan Khan) at Funverks Global. They have shared their concept in the context of their experiences of working with various clients. Funverks Global is an OD Consulting and Strategy Firm working with clients across Middle East, Pakistan and South Asian region with offices in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and U.A.E.

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