Career Proofing

17.06.16 0

In the past one month, in my interactions with participants I noticed a roaring need to explore careers. Some wanted to save careers, some wanted to succeed in their respective careers whilst some were re-starting their careers in light of a rightsizing and restructuring. This was a trigger to an important question: How do we save our careers?

One thing was obvious in this question. We are not speaking of saving jobs, it is saving career. This means irrespective of what happens in the outside world, my career graph needs to go up. I may be a Assistant Marketing Manager today in an FMCG. Tomorrow if I am out, no issues. But I need to be minimum a Marketing Manager in another company – industry is irrelevant. Career Proofing means to succeed in these daring and challenging times.

‘Career Proofing’ is not about politicizing to protect your job, working around the boss, pulling the others down (those who have attended our training may recall monkey business from our recent team building events). If not, you know what you need to do J!

This article is for anyone who want to grow in career and not necessarily in the same function or organization. As stated above it is anything but job protection. It is career development in its purest sense.

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