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Have you ever bought a product and realized there are other accessories you need to buy to actually experience the product as they show in ads? Interestingly, in mostcases, profit margins are much higher in accessories than the margins earned through the product itself. Buy an iPhone, But to really have an experience, buy the themes, get the leather pouch, get a screen protector, buy additional memory from icloud, a car charger or completely enhance your experience of one apple product by getting other products like Apple TV and Apple Watch. (Same applies for Samsung). Accessories are important and they add value to the product

You will not find the word ‘Successorize’ in any dictionary. I have used this term to rhyme with ‘accessorize’. Like a mobile needs accessories to enhance its value, individuals can enhance their success prospects by ‘successorizing’ themselves. Given below are the top five accessories (as of now) for success. Soon new extras will come and the ones listed below may no longer be the only option to choose from…

Successory 1: Fantasize

The words “fantastic” and “fantasy” come from the same linguistic root, meaning to “use the faculty of imagination.”

Imagine and define your desired lifestyle. Don’t focus only on one goal in life e.g., becoming a banker or a doctor. Nor say things as vague as: ‘Success to me is when I am satisfied’. Fantasizing means visualizing your lifestyle, relationships, career, and everything around and saying this is my DREAM. It is sadly true that most people todaydon’t care to dream. They are so busy with their lives that when they wake up in the morning their mind cannot recall what they were dreaming. Dreams, with our eyes open, have the power to move our souls.

In 1989, Gary Kasparov, ex-Soviet Union’s Grand Chess Master, played a two matches against “Deep Blue,” the reigning supercomputer of the time. Kasparov won easily. When asked by the media what his competitive advantagewas, he cited two things: intuition and the ability to fantasize! Kasparov was known as a master strategic thinker!

Successory 2: Comfort in discomfort

We are living in tough times. This is something we have all heard so many times that it seems like a mere repeat telecast of an Oscar Winning movie: CHANGE before Change Changes you! It is no longer about ‘survival of the fittest’. It is survival of the fittest, fastest and the most flexible. Understand the concept of variable change. Do not stick to only one opinion or one way of doing things. It is good to be focused but not at the expense of creativity and innovation. In other words, remain focused on your goals andkeep changing ways by which to achieve them whenever you get stuck. Change creates discomfort. It throws us into the unknown and uncharted deep waters. But guess what? This is where success lies. Get comfortable with the idea of being discomforted. Even though you may be scared and fearful, still do what is necessary. Courage is not the absence of fear; it is acting inspite of it.

Many tend to back down when they don’t want to do something, even though it may eventually bring them to a wonderful experience or goal. Successful people may not always like doing some of the things they have to do. But they do them anyway. And in the longer run that makes all the difference.
As Franklin Roosevelt said: “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”

Successory 3: Use positive emotions

The two most powerful emotions that energize most of our actions are love and hate. Love generates positive energy, while hate brings forth negativity. Both are equally powerful.

There are two, well known, global figures that we can learn from: Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. Both had a dream; both were passionate; both were determined to achieve what they had decided to get. The two, probably, also fantasized. However, one achieved an enduring and inspiring legacy, while the other is mostly remembered for what not to do. To this day the Nazis are hunted.

Getting results requires energy. You may choose to use the energy of hate, jealousy, animosity to win. Or you may use positive energies like love, support,& goal orientation to name a few. The choice is yours. Behumble polite and do not under estimate the power of positive energies to get things done. They give strength, create positive attitude and humbleness

Successorize yourself with the desire to achieve your fantasy. Be driven by love and joy of achievement, and not hate and jealousy.

Successory 4: Possibilities in problems

Successful people believe that problems are problems because they carry with them a concealed solution. All problems are seen as opportunities in disguise.

Some individuals come across as positive people by using the above language. However, although such people claim to have an open mind, most solutions offered to them are first countered by them playing the role of ‘devils advocate’. This can be a convenient disguise for pretending to make better decisions, when in actual fact they may be blind to their own negative attitude. When faced with a challenge, just ask yourself: Am I looking for problems with a possibility or possibilities in a problem?

Successory 5: Know your worth

Finally, with so many accessories, individuals must also know their worth and I would conclude with a story:

Thomas Edison, in his early twenties, while working for the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company, invented the printing-telegraph, an improved version over the old telegraph. Approaching the company president, General Lefferts, to sell his device, he thought for a moment and chose not to blurt out what he thought to be a fair selling price of a US$3,000. Instead, he asked the General to make him an offer. The offer turned out to be US$40,000! Steadying himself, Edison slowly replied, “Yes. I think that will be fair”. What is worth remembering is that young Edison’s pervasive inquisitiveness was actually considered by his school master as a sign of mental retardation!

Very often people do not really know what they are worth. Be inquisitive and discover what value you add! Every product must have benefits which are evident to the beneficiaries.

Go ahead, successorise yourself!

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