Abdul Mateen

Manager Finance

Abdul Mateen is the Manager – Finance at Funverks Global Private Limited. His areas of expertise include Financial Management & Planning, External/Internal Audit, Corporate Finance, Banking, Taxation, & Accounting. Being the Manager Finance at Funverks Global, Abdul Mateen efficiently caters to the fulfillment of the following responsibilities;

  • Controlling corporate financial planning.
  • Funds management.
  • Managing company’s financial accounting, monitoring and reporting system.
  • Financial management.
  • System development for effective operations.
  • Monitoring invoicing, payment and recovery.
  • Liaison with banks.
  • Preparation and submission of different financial analysis reports as and when management requires.

Abdul Mateen is a member at Karachi Tax Bar Association. He has previously worked with Navitus Private Limited, Z. H. Jafri & Company and Krystallite Products Private Limited. He is AICS certified from Institute of Chartered Secretary & Managers and is currently pursuing for PIPFA certification.

Abdul Mateen has excellent time management skills. He loves to read and has travelled to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Thailand. He currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan.