Ibrahim Tanweer

Associate Consultant

Ibrahim Tanweer is an Associate Consultant at Funverks Global and a firm believer in stories and their ability to transcend the ephemeral. His love for stories and story-telling has fostered in him a profound respect for people and organizations and the potential they possess to achieve everyday successes and weave them into vibrant and compelling tales.

Ibrahim has been previously involved in youth leadership development in Pakistan and has facilitated sessions on communication skills, interview skills, performance management, youth leadership and conflict management and has addressed students from universities across Pakistan at conferences with over 400 delegates.

He is passionate about training and consulting as he strongly believes
that these are viable avenues to people development and achieving success through fully utilizing the capacity of human talent. He works to create opportunities where he can enable people to communicate better, develop their sense of self, and add value to people’s and organizations’ lives.

Ibrahim is a marketing enthusiast, a cinephile, a bibliophile, a music lover and self-taught musician. He holds art and expression very close to his heart and ultimately, using the words of one of his favourite authors, Neil Gaiman, wants to leave the world more interesting for his being here.

He currently resides in Karachi, while his roots can be traced to Multan. In the years ahead, he aims to satisfy his wanderlust for mountains, historically rich cities and new cultures.