Jibran Jawaid

CEO Tangerine Media

Jibran Jawaid is an entrepreneur with his interests and active work in the field of sports & athletic education, social & development sector, mainstream media, stock markets, real estate & agriculture.

As the CEO of Tangerine media, which is the production house for all videos, and media related projects, he has taken up challenging projects and introduced some new concepts in developing training videos for the corporate sector.

Jibran has also partnered to open an athletic training and education facility named Real Strength the first of its kind in Karachi in the pursuit of producing international sports’ athletes who can represent Pakistan on various international platforms including but not limited to the Olympics.

Jibran is interested in social development particularly in imparting skills that he has acquired over the years and sharing that knowledge to enable individuals who are interested and looking for opportunities to break out and take keen interest in bringing about social and economic change in their surroundings.

He has also been involved with sponsoring and forming events like the Gandhara Film Festival 2012 where he conceptualized the festival and executed it to promote media trainings and the culture of filmmaking in Pakistan.