Mohamed Azeem Saheer

Consultant & Funcilitator

Mohamed Azeem Saheer is a Human Capital specialist who brings with him more than 12 years of global experience in the Service Industry. Having worked in Sri Lanka, Qatar, and U.A.E markets, he possesses an in-depth understanding of assessing diversified learning needs and aligning them with organization’s strategic objectives. Having a solid training background, Azeem comprehends end to end training cycle from needs assessment, content development to stand-and-deliver facilitation workshops.

Azeem’s analytical skills allow him to interpret, contextualize and deploy developing business models in his programs for continuous and sustainable growth. Being a follower of global Human Resources trends, Azeem is well- experienced in mapping out policy & procedural documents for HR & Training departments. He has worked extensively and added value at Sea Masters Shipping, Goodrich Lanka, Ali Bin Ali Travels – Qatar and Global Vision – Abu Dhabi

With communications and people management skills as his strong suit, Azeem has managed and developed diversified teams throughout his career. A firm advocate of leading a ‘mission-driven’ life, Azeem wants to enrich lives & provide guidance to people around him. Azeem’s forte is Leadership Development, Service Development & Personal Development as he believes a combination of these three skills is imperative for personal and organizational success.

With Masters of Business Administration from Napier Edinburgh Napier (UK), Level 3 Qualification in Advance Diploma in Teaching, Training & assessing learning- City & Guild (UK) and Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Insurance –IIBI(UK), Azeem is the right blend of technical and behavioral skill-set. Mohamed Azeem is an active contributor to CSR activities, where he has led many charitable associations which provide funds for educational programs in Sri Lanka in addition to numerous career guidance programs. He is also a proud member of BNI Global and has compered numerous events in the State of Qatar & Sri Lanka.

Azeem loves and lives in Colombo.