Raheel Ali Memon

Associate Consultant

Raheel Ali Memon is an Associate Consultant at Funverks Global. His expertise includes market research, project management, developing micro-entrepreneurs and sales. At Funverks he has successfully executed various consulting projects in the areas of strategy implementation, business outreach, market research, and corporate social responsibility.

His attention to detail and the depth of understanding enhances his ability to execute diverse and dynamic projects seamlessly. He has exceptional team engagement capabilities and leadership skills. His reputed client list includes Nizam Energy, Phillip Morris International, PepsiCo, Dalda,1Link, 3M, H&M, Sukkur Institute of Business Administration, Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Iqra University, University of Karachi, Greenwich University, World Memon Organization, and AKPBSP,

He also provides Marketing and Operational support to Aydan Lifestyle, Bottomline Holidays & Tangerine Media (sister concerns of Funverks Global Private Limited) Raheel is an explorer and likes to embark on various expeditions across Pakistan learning about new places & cultures.

He resides in Karachi, Pakistan and travels frequently for various consulting assignments.