Shujauddin Hussaini

Creative Head & Fine Artist

Shujauddin Allauddin Hussaini is a communication designer, social media marketer, fine-artist, photographer, editor, art director, illustrator and digital graphic designer. Precisely, multi-talented expert. Currently being a student at Iqra University pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Media Sciences, he is the Social Media Marketer and Creative Head at Funverks Global.

Coming from a very diverse background he is passionate and compassionate for changing lives of under-privileged people. Amongst his recent achievements in the same, he travelled to Interior Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during 2015-2016 to accomplish some life changing leadership and awareness sessions. Managing his studies, profession and freelance projects together, he also voluntarily teaches in a community school as a teacher for Qur’an recitation and Learning & Development matters. He has been an editor for Yellow Jacket Studio’s (Pakistan) and several Fashion shoots.

Since he likes to work with new ventures and therefore has worked as a creative designer for multiple startups naming Whetstone Training & Development, and Sharpixels Media.

Experimenting and applying his talents in different mediums of Fine Arts for 14 years, he has a keen interest in applying his skills in graphic design and character design. Simply a passionate habitual artist, who has no finish line. He is often seen riding his bicycle on long roads, playing as a defender in his Campus’s Football team and hooping with his Basketball teammates.

Born in Parwan (Afghanistan), Shujauddin has been raised and resides in Karachi, Pakistan and frequently travels for assignments.