Yumna Zafar Usmani

Organizational Psychologist

Yumna Usmani is an Organizational Psychologist at Funverks. She brings with herself the zeal, and the knowledge needed to contribute towards the success of the organization.

Recognizing Erich Fromm as her inspiration, she believes people cannot be of any use to others as well as themselves if they don't achieve self-awareness and self-fulfillment. She's a firm believer of strengthening the base before conquering new heights, and is involved in designing assessment tools, activities, and intervention techniques for different projects.

She has designed multiple assessment tools that have been made use of at national level like VUCA Assessment. Currently, she is working on SPRING assessment that would be used to assess team leaders, and Happiness Meter that would make you evaluate yourself. She has a mission of making people pause, reflect and gain insight as she views that as a core step towards progress of any kind.

In the past, she has collaborated with HR of The Indus Hospital, Sui Southern Gas Company, and Citizens Archive of Pakistan. She has managed trainings, seminars and workshops at a professional as well as academic level.

She loves singing, and watching football. She also enjoys using psychoanalysis for evaluating people and their behavior.

She resides in Karachi, Pakistan.