Yumna Zafar Usmani

Organizational Psychologist

Yumna Usmani is a Psychologist, Trainer and Mental Health Counselor at Funverks Global. She brings with herself the zeal, and the knowledge needed to contribute towards the success of the organization.

Recognizing Erich Fromm as her inspiration, she believes people cannot be of any use to others as well as themselves if they don’t achieve self-awareness and self-fulfillment. She’s a firm believer of strengthening the base before conquering new heights, and is involved in designing creative solutions & programs, assessment tools, activities, and intervention techniques for different projects.

Her area of expertise includes human mind, one-to-one coaching and counseling, personality assessment, and creative projective activities.

She has a certification in Humanistic Integrative Counseling and is an active mental health counselor.

In the past, she has collaborated in the capacity of designing interventions and creative solutions with The Indus Hospital, Sui Southern Gas Company, Citizens Archive of Pakistan, Procter & Gamble Pakistan, Charter for Compassion, Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited and Greenwich University. She manages and facilitates training, seminars, and workshops.

She has served as the administrator of international assessments for Fonterra, Dubai and Eli Lilly, Dubai.

She has been working on designing and conducting a research-based survey on generations to enhance the relationships between people in organizations, communities, and society as a whole. The Generational Survey is to understand how the different generations behave, their drivers, and priorities.

She has designed multiple psychometric assessment tools that have been made use of at national level like VUCA Assessment. She has also collaborated on an assignment with UNHCR in the capacity of a coach evaluating interviewing skills in participants.

Keeping in line with mental health, she also launched a new service, Channelizing Performance – Safe Deposit, a one-on-one interaction with clients based on brief talking + listening therapy at US AID’s Gender Equity Program.

She is a personality assessment expert and deals with individual clients. She has a mission of making people pause, reflect and gain insight as she views that as a core step towards the progress of any kind.

She loves singing, watching football and tapping into the subconscious and enjoys using humanistic paradigm for evaluating people and their behavior.

She currently resides in Karachi, Pakistan.